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About Dr. Margaret & Her Work 

Beginning private practice - like others, Dr. Margaret found that up to 70% of people seeking help live with the aftermath of chronic stress - of trauma. 

Psycho-neurobiology explained the aftermath. Psychotherapy treated active - acute symptoms.  Neither resolved chronic blocks. Blocks held in place by worn patterns and inner struggles. 


Smothering potential, blocks are a hallmark of chronic stress survival - a "Legacy" of sorts. Experienced as:  

Living, but not a life.

Survival, but no sense of purpose.

Freedom, but persistent longing.

Satisfaction, but lingering emptiness.

Safety, but feeling constant danger.


This Legacy castes a shadow.  A daughter, mother, and grandmother, Dr. Margaret understood the importance of diminishing this shadow.   


Turning to spiritual training,  Dr. Margaret recalled two ancient practices.  One practice - called Chöd - cuts through worn patterns.  The other - called plant spirit healing - resolves the energy blocks.  


Realizing these practices took people to a place beyond psychotherapy's reach, Dr. Margaret folded these ancient practices into her work and developed "Inner Resolution Work". 


Focusing on this work, Dr. Margaret watched the Legacy begin to dissolve. Clients found meaning and purpose - even in the face of new challenges.  Inner conflicts gave way to strengths. Challenges became allies.  Allies released potentials. 

Today, Inner Resolution Work individual sessions, retreats, group work, and workshops are available. 


Inner Resolution Work diminishes the long-term aftermath that keeps many chronic stress survivors from finding life's satisfaction. Mental health and acute symptoms are not treated. Persons seeking clinical services need to contact a primary care provider.  

"As one person put it, it's good to know the background, but for me, Inner Resolution Work is so organic.  I didn't need the background to be successful in this work! 

Mental health and acute symptoms are not treated. Persons seeking clinical services need to contact a primary care provider.

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Dr. Margaret Explains Inner Resolution Work This Way...

"From our early years, we make and maintain patterns - strategies.  The patterns cycle in, play out, and retreat, then, return. Even if we decide to change, the cycles continue.  Chöd and plant spirit healing reach the "spiritual psyche" to change these cycles. Long forgotten needs are satisfied. Internal conflicts solved. Discernment, passion for living, creativity, connection, and sense of purpose arise naturally." 

Memberships & Affiliations:

  • American Psychology Association (APA)

  • APA Society for Humanistic Psychology

  • APA Trauma Psychology

  • Magyu - Mother Lineage Sangha

Ancient Healing & Spiritual Training:

  • 1970's Rochester NY Zen Center affiliated Zen training, refuge & practice.

  • 1999 Tamang Bön po jhakri lineage shamanic training & initiation, Buddhi Maya Lama, Boudhanath, Nepal.

  • Circa 2001, Green Tara Empowerment, Kadampa Center, Manchester, Connecticut.

  • Circa 2002 Buddha Heruka and Buddha Vajrayogini Empowerment, Geshe Kelsang Gayatso, Toronto, Canada.

  • 2021 Magyu - Mother Lineage training & practice. Lineage Holder - Lama Tsultrim Chödrön Allione, Tara Mandala, Pagosa Springs, Colorado. 

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