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Chronic Stress & Its Legacy







"People who suffer from chronic trauma seem to lose their way in the world." 

Bessel A. Van Der Kolk (2006) Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. xxxx: 1–17 (2006). C 2006 New York Academy of Sciences. doi: 10.1196/annals.1364.022.


Chronic stress changes people. Pierre Janet (1859-1947) - a psychologist, psychiatrist and Sigmund Freud colleague - noted that highly stressed-traumatized individuals tend to... 


"exhaust themselves in these everlasting recommencements.

Janet, P.  1919. Les Medications Psychologiques, 3 Vols. F´elix Alcan. Paris.  

How this happened was a mystery. Then, 21st Century brain function researchers mapped chronic stress.  Here's what they found...

Chronic stress and trauma survivors navigate life with a mixture of unfinished responses and inadequate memory of past events. Worn patterns - called implicit memories - produce anxiousness and collapse. Minor irritations swamp tolerance, unnerve resilience, and diminish resolve. Daily life becomes an effort full of  worry, self-doubt, vigilance, and futility. These are patterns masking unmet emotional needs. Emotional needs that can be repaired through guided visualization, self-empathy, and self-acceptance. 

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2021 PJP mandala (2) pngegg_edited_edite
2021 PJP mandala (2) pngegg_edited_edite
2021 PJP mandala (2) pngegg_edited_edite

How Does Inner Resolution Help?

Inner Resolution Work  identifies worn patterns converting a constellation of unmet needs into a constellation of recovered strengths. Recovered strengths integrate to create potential.   

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